We’re strengthening the existing CityStep companies–and preparing to expand to new communities. Below are some of our current initiatives.

Help us step out! 

Strengthen the Current CityStep companies 

  • On-Campus Training Workshops in teaching, choreography, leadership, community engagement and more
  • Leadership Summits at each school prior to the start of the school year
  • The Annual two-day CityStep Retreat in New York City bringing together CityStep teachers from all four States
  • Company Exchanges, so teams from one school can visit another school’s operations, classes and performances and learn new tools
  • A CityStep Summer in NYC to engage NYC youth, train current teachers and introduce CityStep to new college students who might want to launch CityStep at their colleges.
  • Company Grants to spur innovation and excellence.

Create the Toolkit for Expansion

  • Codify the CityStep Curriculum into a Handbook
  • Formalize the Program’s Methods, Organization and Structure
  • Write the CityStep History
  • Create Training Videos

Document CityStep’s Impact

  • Gather Anecdotal Data in the form of testimonials from current and past participants
  • Gather Statistical Data, by establishing a method for formally assessing the efficacy and impact of the program

Express How CityStep Boosts:

  • Creative self-expression in elementary and middle school students through an innovative arts curriculum
  • Self-Confidence through mastery and a final performance about themes relevant to their lives
  • Collaboration through sustained contact with teams of diverse college mentors who model effective collaboration
  • Mutual Understanding by creating and performing alongside children from different neighborhoods;
  • Children’s School Attendance by creating a sense of belonging in the classroom and inspiration for coming to school
  • Children’s College Aspirations, through relationships forged with college students and visits to campus
  • College students’ Leadership, Teaching and Service Experiences that positively influences the direction of their professional careers

Study Expansion Opportunities

  • Assess the Need in the Community
  • Assess Local Universities
  • Assess the Student Body for Level of Interest in Arts, Service and Community Engagement
  • Assess the Local Schools for Interest in Partnership

Launch CityStep in New Communities

  • Commit Resources
  • Send a Pair of Recent Grads to Serve as Instigators On-Site for a Year
  • Closely Support the New Company Post-Launch

Fund Internships 

  • CityStep.org Summer Internship for a college student to work for CityStep.org in New York City for a summer
  • CityStep.org Yearlong Fellowship for a graduating senior to spend a year helping CityStep expand to a new community

Increase our Communication and Engagement

  • With Community Members
  • With Civic Leaders
  • With Local Schools
  • With Universities
  • With CityStep Alumni

Help us step out!