CityStep brings together teams of college students and city schoolchildren in a transformative performing arts partnership.

The mission: Promoting creative self-expression and mutual understanding through dance.

Throughout the year, teams of college students travel to elementary and middle schools and teach yearlong CityStep classes. Inclusion, collaboration, creativity and mastery are part of the CityStep Core Values. The college student teams become powerful role models and mentors.

Each year culminates in an original production, created and performed by kids from across the city about themes relevant to their lives.

Parents, teachers and community members from diverse neighborhoods come together to cheer them on and celebrate their achievement and ideas.

CityStep has flourished at Harvard University in the City of Cambridge for over 30 years! It now also thrives at Penn, Princeton and Yale, engaging children in Philadelphia, Trenton and New Haven.


We’ve just launched, a 501(c)3 not-for-profit, to support the existing programs, codify their best practices and create a replicable model, so we can bring CityStep to other communities nationwide. Learn more about our Initiatives.